Maja Baczyńska

She is a graduate of The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She also graduated from Academy of Movie and Television in Warsaw and Laboratory of Report at University of Warsaw. Maja is a participant of the documentary program DOK PRO 2013/2013 at Wajda School. She is a member of Association of Polish Artist Musicians and the associate editor-in-chief of a music magazine “Presto”. Maja is also a teacher and a music performer. She is the author of a documentary film “Miła, padnij”. Since 2009 she is a coordinator of the production “Portraits of composers” – series about young Polish composers (e.g. she made also a short documentary “Eternal moods” in 2009). “Portraits of composers” promotes and documents Polish contemporary and film music - written by young, outstanding composers and played by young talented musicians. In 2013 she established a film group MUDO Music Documentaries which associates students and graduates of music and film universities from several cities in Poland. She cooperates with Association of Polish Artist Musicians and Institute of Music and Dance. She made the first in Poland full length documentary about young composers of contemporary and film music – „A few question about hearing of the world”.