Justyna Nowak

Justyna Nowak completed the MA programme in film directing at the  Polish National Film School in Lodz. Known for her feature short  "Dragonflies" which took part in the competition of the 64th Biennale  di Venezia, where it was nominated for the Prix UIP of the European  Film Academy. "Dragonflies" took part in important competitions at  international film festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, Cork, Leeds,  Encounters. The film won prizes for Best European Short and Best  Cinematography at Raindance Film Festival in London. Her films are  mainly comedy-dramas with elements of absurdity and surrealism,  inspired by the French and Czech New Wave. They often portray a strong  female character and dive into the social themes of women's issues.
Her last work - "Beauty" was a postfeminist, experimental film with  elements of theatre. She also pursues her passion for screenwriting  for animated films which include "The Rabbit's Case" and "The Mystery  of the Malakka Mountain" which got Grand Prix and Best Screenplay at  Brno16 Film Festival. An alumna of Berlinale Talents.