While water-fowl lay eggs on Biebrza’s marshes, dozens of coaches park at the river’s banks and hundreds of impressive telephoto lenses aim at the wetlands on the opposite bank. Among the amateur birdwatchers there is Jan – an employee of a big advertisement agency in Berlin, whose enthusiasm for eco-lifestyle results in striking consequences: he has a special device for air cleaning assembled in his apartment, he also has a system of complex water filters, he paints his walls with most expensive super eco paints, and visits his homoeopathist and diet consultant once a week. Jan who had come to Poland every year always stayed at the hotel in a nearby town. During his next holidays he plans to rent a wooden cottage without running water from local farmers in order to experience life as it was one hundred years ago. The main source of conflict and humor in the film with be the clash of two worlds: that of the German, tired with the frenzy of his Berlin life, and that of Polish farmers, his neighbors for holidays, living so close to the paradise of Biebrza Marshes but so little concerned with “eco lifestyle” and dreaming about moving…to the city. The deeper message of the film is the condition of a man today in relation to nature. How far have we gone from our origins and is it at all possible to go back?

Katarzyna Trzaska
Katarzyna Trzaska
Andrzej Wojciechowski
ZYGIZAGA Robert Zygmuntowski

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A director, script writer, producer at ZYGIZAGA. Katarzyna Trzaska’s documentary debut after studying at the Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Department of Film and Television in Katowice, in Poland: “10 Years to Nashville” was shown at 14 festivals in Poland and abroad and received numerous awards, among them nomination for the best Polish independent documentary film of the year 2010. She writes scripts for television (TV detective series “Destiny” for Polsat station), and is a member of Polish Filmmakers Association.
Recently she has finished her second documentary film titled “Maximum Pleasure”, co-produced by ZYGIZAGA with Polish National Television. The film will premiere at Vision du Reel Film Festival in Nyon in Switzerland. Currently, she is working on a Polish-German documentary film “Birdwatching” telling a story of a pack of friends – German ecology activists from Berlin spending their holidays in the unspoilt area of Biebrza National Park in Poland, which gives them insight into mentality of Polish farmers and their attitude towards nature.