On June 23rd Anna Zamecka's film "Communion" will premiere in cinemas in Japan. Japanese version of the title is "Shukufuku".

14-year-old Ola not only takes care of her dysfunctional father, autistic brother and mother who lives separately, but most of all tries to reunite the family. She lives in the hope of bringing her mother back home. Her 13-year-old brother Nikodem’s Holy Communion is a pretext for the family to meet up. Ola takes on the full responsibility for preparing the perfect family celebration, whereas Nikodem is watching his family's struggle from his own, exceptional perspective

"Communion" by Anna Zamecka discovers the beauty of the rejected, the strength of the weakest, the need for change where there's no hope for it. It is a crash course of growing up which teaches us that no failures are final. Especially when it comes to love.

Anna Zamecka's film won various awards across the world, including the European Film Award for the best documentary film in 2017. The film was also awarded the Alpe Adria Cinema Award during Trieste Film Festival, Best Documentary at It’s All True Festival in Brazil, Best Documentary In The Central & Eastern Europe Competition at Astra Film Festival in Romania and Grand Prize of the Yamagata Festival in Japan.

On June 23rd, thanks to the Moviola distributor, "Communion" will appear on cinema screens across Japan. Anna Zamecka personally promotes the film in Tokyo.

Below we present an incomplete list of selected cinemas that will screen "Communion":

Eurospace (Tokyo), Morioka Lumiere (Iwate), Matsumoto cinema select (Nagano), Cine Wind (Nigata), Forum Yamagata (Yamagata), Kawasaki Art Center (Kawasaki), Cinema Jack &Betty (Yokohama), Kinema Junpo Theater (Chiba), Cine Gallery (Shizuoka),
Meien Shogekijo (Nagoya), Dai-nana Geijutu Gekijo (Osaka), Motomachi Eigakan (Kobe), Demachiza (Kyoto), Yokogawa cinema (Hiroshima), Cinema Lunatic (Ehime), Kinemakan (Miyazaki).

More information available on the Moviola distributor's website and on the official fanpage on Facebook.

The Japanese trailer of the film is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?