The list of projects qualified for the pitching Docs in Thessaloniki has been announced. Among the selected films, there is the Polish production "Globus."

The Pitching Docs in Thessaloniki is an international pitching forum, organised by the EDN, which accompanies the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.

The Docs in Thessaloniki does not only include the pitching itself, but also the workshops which prepare for it. The event lasts 5 days - from the 1st of March to the 5th of March. The first three days will be dedicated to the work on the development of the selected projects. The participants of the workshops will work in small groups under the guidance of experts, and they will concentrate on the structure and subject matter of the project and on pitching techniques. During the last two days, the pitching itself will take place, and after it, individual meetings with experts.

This year, approximately 100 submissions came to the Docs in Thessaloniki, out of which the selection panel chose 21 projects. Among them, there is the Polish documentary film "Globus," directed by Clara Kleininger, produced by Magdalena Borowiec and Tatiana Matysiak // SQUARE Film Studio.

As a result of a tragic accident, three animal trainers from a Romanian zoo lose their jobs. They start to fight for their survival in the new world. Nothing will be as it used to be ...

The project was developed within the frames of the programme Doc Lab Poland and presented at the pitching Doc Lab Go at the Krakow Film Festival.

The full list of qualified projects is available on the website of EDN.