The short documentary film by Emilia Śniegoska won the section Short Competition of Young Filmmakers at the BIDF - Budapest International Documentary Festival.

Every year, Budapest International Documentary Festival invites creative and internationally recognized documentary films to its competition sections. This year, in the programme of the BIDF, there was no lack of documentary films from Poland, in addition to the award-winning "19:91," in the programme of the festival there were also "Connected" by Aleksandra Maciejczyk and "Dancing For You" by Katarzyna Lesisz.

The documentary film by Śniegoska is a quiet and unpretentious story about the meeting between the 19-year-old Jette from Germany with the 91-year-old Pole, Mrs. Zosia. Within the frames of the year-long voluntary work which Jette carries out in Warsaw, she regularly visits Mrs. Zosia, who spent her teenage years in the German concentration camp in Auschwitz and in the labour camp in Ravebsbrück. The film was produced by the Munk Studio.

You can find more information about the festival on the website of BIDF.