On August 7th the 10th edition of the Faito Doc Festival in Italy came to an end. Maciej Adamek's documentary has won the Young Jury prize.

This is yet another award handed out to "Two Worlds" as the film has already achieved success, among others, at the  Rhode Island Film Festival, the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, the Harlem Film Festival in New York, the United Nations Association Film Festival in the USA, the Wales International Documentary Festival, the New York Film Festivals and Tv Awards and the Greenpoint Film Festival in New York.

"Two Worlds" is a family portrait of deaf parents and their hearing daughter Laura. 12 years old girl is our guide into their life. Life that is unusual, but at the same time as ordinary as every family's.  

The film was co-financed by the Polish Film Institute. The producer is Jacek Kucharski from the Metro Films and TVP2.

The cinematographer is Mateusz Skalski and the editor is Sławek Goździk. 

More information about the festival is available at the Festival website.