The documentary film by Krzysztof Nowicki was given the Audience Award at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival.

The Barcelona Planet Film Festival is a relatively new international film event, which was established only 4 years ago.  The organisers of the festival place importance on innovative, independent cinema from all over the world.

The documentary film, which won the audience award, "Leocadia's Dream" tells the story of the eponymous elderly lady who runs a vinyl record shop in the very centre of Barcelona. She entertains the customers by talking to them, tells them the history of her family and of the shop itself, which will soon be closed after over a hundred years of working.  She only seems to be reconciled with this fact. Leocadia passes away and her old-school world of gramophone records, opera arias and porcelain figures which nobody needs is passing away together with her. 

You can find more information about the festival on its  website.