The film by Natalia Koniarz was appreciated by the jury at the Sound & Image Challenge International Festival in Macau.

Sound & Image Challenge International Festival is an event dedicated to short productions. In the programme of the festival, there are both short documentary and feature films as well as animated films and music videos. 

This year, two Polish short productions were invited to participate in the competition. In addition to the award-winning  "Dam,"     the audience also had the opportunity to watch  "The Briefing"    by Filip Drzewiecki.

The documentary film by Natalia Koniarz presents the story of a father and a son on a journey. The men meet to spend some time together after they had cut off all contact with each other sometime before. However, it is not a carefree weekend in a cottage in the Bieszczady Mountains. The drunk father asks his son rhetorically: "So what, you'd thought it was going to be easy?" Building the eponymous dam on a mountain stream can be interpreted in terms of struggling with one's weaknesses, a joint effort directed against prejudices and mutual grievances. In the pool created in this way, one can find purification and (temporary) relief.

You can find more information about the festival here.