Karolina Breguła

Karolina Breguła (born 1979) - a Polish multimedia artist; creates installations, happenings, video, photography. She has graduated from the National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź where she now has been working on her Phd. She has performed and exhibited in galleries such as National Museum in Warsaw (Poland), Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (Poland); Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk (Poland); Kalmar Museum of Art, Kalmar (Sweden); Real Art Ways, Hartford (USA). She has been awarded the Samsung Art Master prize, the Polish Ministry of Culture Scholarship, the Visegrad Scholarship and the Młoda Polska Scholarship. She has been nominated for Views 2013 - the Polish Zachęta National Gallery and Deutsche Bank Foundation Award. She is the author of works such as Fire-Followers (2013), Art Translationg Agency (2010) or Let Them See Us (2003). She lives and works in Warsaw. In her recent works she has been working on the subject of reception of art. She is researching unprofessional art receivers and their relation to modern art. She is looking for the place for art in today`s society and the role the art heritage can play in contemporary world. Building the meanings and auto analysis of culture have become the sense of her latest artistic activity.