Michał Bielawski

Michal graduated from the Humanities Department at the University of Warsaw. For ten years, he worked as a journalist for radio and television. In 2013, he got the Polish Film Institute Award for the TV program “One scene”. In the same year, he debuted with the feature documentary „Mundial. The Highest Stakes”, in which he mixed the perspective of political prisoners of the communist regime with the story of the polish national team tournament during 1982 World Cup in Spain. In next years he directed documentaries: “1989”, about the end of communism in Poland, “The Team” and several documentary series in collaboration with Canal+Discovery and Discovery channels. His last film, “The Wind. A Documentary Thriller”, co-produced by HBO, is a journey into the community of Polish highlanders who are affected by an extremely destructive wind. Recently he took part of screenwriting program “Less is More”, where he developed scenario of his first fiction feature film.