This film is about the dreams and last wishes of people who die, and about the ones who are left behind, who often realize those dreams when their loved ones no longer can. We will find fictional scenes inspired by the dreams of real life, but portrayed by others; they are recreated dreams. The dream is seen through the perspective of a dying person, as if the camera is the eyes of that person. Therefore anything is possible, because we are trapped between the imaginations of these peoples and the moment where they are balancing on the edge of this world and the one beyond.

The characters and the stories come from real life, and we first ground them in the truth of the situation of death, whether it is father, lover, mother, sister, husband or wife. We see death from the point of view of a child who is leaving this world, and also from the point of view of a child who is dealing with the death of his father, we cross from the youngest to the oldest.

documentary / fiction
Poland, Mexico
Wiktoria Szymańska
Wiktoria Szymańska
Patrycja Lewandowska, Martin Boege
Orchestra Elastique
Luna W.

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Writer and film director with background as a painter and visual artist, was born in Poland, grew up in UK, studied in France, and now works between Germany, Poland, France, Mexico and Tanzania. Her film "Themerson and Themerson" (2011) has been celebrated around the world as one of the best documentary about art. Her "The man who made angels fly" (2013) won IDFA Industry Award and premiered at Karlove Vary and Hot Docs. Wiktoria also made shorts and video installations about dance and female bodies. In 2014 she made a series of visual poems for Channel4 "Women in the cities". Wiktoria is a graduate of the Arts Plastique Sorbonne and Wajda School in Warsaw. She also took part in Eurodoc, Esodoc and Archidoc - La Femis. She was a a fellow of Nipkow program and British Arts Council Award and worked for many European Tvs. Her documentaries are coproduced by ARTE, Channel4, SVT, YLE, BBC, AVRO, TVP, NHK, supported by Arts Council, Creative Europe, PISF, CNC, and regional funds in France and Poland.