Leszek Gnoiński

Music journalist. He wrote, among others, for: “Dziennik”, “Machina”, “Super Express” (in the mid-90s he co-created the biggest rock column in Polish national newspapers), “Tylko Rock”, “Muza” musical magazine (he was deputy editor in chief), www.cgm.pl portal (he was also its editor in chief) and “Dziennik Polski”. During this time he conducted hundreds of interviews with nearly all of the most important Polish musicians, not only those related to rock music. He wrote musical books, which were sold in 70,000 copies: Raport o Acid Drinkers [Report on Acid Drinkers] (1996), the bestseller Kult Kazika [The Cult of Kazik] (2000), Myslovitz. Życie to surfing [Myslovitz. Life is Surfing] (2009). Together with Jan Skaradziński he wrote the unique position on the Polish market Encyklopedia polskiego rocka [The Encyclopaedia of Polish Rock], which has had four editions so far (first edition in 1996; another is planned in 2010). Together with Wojtek Słota he produced a six-episode TV series titled Historia polskiego rocka [The History of Polish Rock] (2008) for the Discovery channel and a full-length film Beats of Freedom – Zew wolności (2010).