On October 12th the 18th edition of MEDIMED film market begins in Stiges, Spain. Konrad Szołajski's project "The Good Change" has been selected to take part in the Pitching Forum.

MEDIMED is a documentary film market allowing the filmmakers to meet with international film distributors, co-producers and fund representatives. This years' 18th edition takes place in the Spanish town of Sitges 12-15 October. The pitching sessions will focus on following topics: art and culture, current events, history, human rights, society and geopolitics.

This year 29 projects has been selected to the pitching forum, among them Polish documentary "The Good Change" directed by Konrad Szołajski. The film's producer is Małgorzata Prociak, ZK Studio Ltd.

"The Good Change" documents situation in Poland after the elections that took place in the fall 2015. The Law and Justice right-wing party has taken over, instantly implementing their programme of reforms of the country called "the good change". Just as fast, chiefly thanks to social media, KOD - Committee for the Defence of Democracy, which believes that what new authorities are doing is unconstitutional and undemocratic, has appeared.

We will show this phenomenon looking closely at both KOD members and politicians from the Law and Justice party, checking who they are, what motivates them and what they are trying to achieve, in the situation of growing conflict that sharply divides Polish society, say the makers of "The Good Change".