The documentary by Maciek Hamela has received the coveted Pare Lorentz Awar

The International Documentary Association (IDA for short) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1982 to promote documentary filmmaking. For the past thirty years, the organisation's members have been awarding IDA prizes to the best documentary productions of the year.

The documentary by Maciek Hamela received the Pare Lorentz Award, given to films that reflect the spirit and tradition of the work of Pare Lorentz – an award-winning documentary filmmaker who believed that film had great potential for improving social justice and education. 

In the Rearview is a gripping social documentary and an authentic portrait of human migration, where most of the film takes place in the back seat of a van which the director had used to transport more than 400 Ukrainians to safety. Among the many cinematic depictions of war that have been – and will be – created, In the Rearview is simply a collection of moving stories, shown without unnecessary fanfare and extraneous narration. And most importantly, it brims with hope.

In addition to Maciek Hamela's awarded film, Lea Glob's Polish-Danish-French co-production Apolonia, Apolonia was also competing for the title of best full-length documentary, among several other nominations. In turn, Pianoforte by Jakub Piątek competed in the musical documentary category.

The list of all awarded films can be found here.