Agnieszka Zwiefka's new film has been invited to the new HUMAN: RIGHTS AWARD competition at the prestigious Danish festival CPH:DOX. It will be the world premiere of the documentary, which is represented by the KFF Sales&Promotion agency.

CPH:DOX is a celebration of cinema held in Copenhagen since 2003. It's considered the world's third largest documentary film event. The program usually features approximately 200 of the most interesting productions from all over the globe. The event doesn't only attract Danish audiences. Every year numerous foreign guests and major artists visit the city.

The new competition HUMAN: RIGHTS, which is going to feature Agnieszka Zwiefka's Silent Trees, is the result of a collaboration between CPH:DOX and the Institute for Human Rights. We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this year, so the time has never been better. The HUMAN:RIGHTS Award “underscores the ongoing relevance of human rights in challenging times”.

Mads K. Mikkelsen, Head of Programme at CPH:DOX, stated: “In an era that demands solidarity with courageous filmmakers who champion equality and justice worldwide, we’ve established the Human:Rights Award. This year, we nominate 10 exceptional films that highlight pressing global issues, reflecting our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of human rights”.

The Polish-German-Danish documentary by Agnieszka Zwiefka is a perfect fit. Following the tragic death of her mother on the Polish-Belarusian border, 16-year-old Kurdish girl Runa has to grow up quickly and take care of her four younger brothers, as well as her depressed and helpless father. During their stay in a refugee camp, the family struggles with trauma, an uncertain future, and the threat of deportation. Runa's escape from daily problems is her sketchbook, filled with a series of increasingly disturbing images. The film is a partially animated story about growing up prematurely in the shadow of the global refugee crisis.

The film is produced by Chilli Productions, Ma.ja.de. GmbH, and HBO Max, with the KFF Sales&Promotion agency acting as the sales agent.

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