In the United States, the Cinema Eye Honors have just been awarded. The film by Michał Marczak, "All these sleepless nights" won the Heterodox Award, triumphing over four other films nominated in this category.

The Heterodox Award is one of the awards given in the prestigious competition Cinema Eye Honors. It was created for the films which mix elements of feature and documentary films. Cinema Eye Honors awards have been given to the best documentary films since 2007.

The candidates for the Cinema Eye Honors are selected by the representatives of large documentary film festivals, and the representatives of the documentary film industry, invited to vote by the Cinema Eye, decide who is awarded. "All these sleepless nights" won the Heterodox Award. However, it is also worth mentioning that it was nominated for the best cinematography and original score. 

"All these sleepless nights" is a portrait of contemporary Polish twenty-year-olds, which has a chance to become the manifest of the restless generation born after 1989. For two years, Warsaw streets, clubs, cafes and apartments turned into a natural film set, where there was made one of the most intimate and truest tale about young people in the history of Polish cinema since the times of "Innocent Sorcerers" by Andrzej Wajda.

You can find more information about the award on the website of Cinema Eye Honors.