Starting from today, the members of EDN can watch the film "21 x New York" by Piotr Stasik on-line. The film is the documentary of the month in January!

Every month, EDN selects a documentary film that is not only worth watching, but can also provoke a discussion about production. In January, "21 x New York" was the highlighted documentary film.

The documentary film by Piotr Stasik is an intimate portrait of the city and its inhabitants. We get acquainted with the protagonists in the New York subway, and we follow them to the surface in order to learn more about their lives, desires, hopes, and dreams - sometimes squandered, and sometimes still waiting for fulfilment. The collection of stories forms an emotional tale about loneliness which accompanies human beings living in the Western society of the 21st century.

The members of EDN can watch the film on-line on the website of EDN Screening Room from January 23 to 29. And for everyone, including the unregistered users of the portal, an interview with Piotr Stasik and Agnieszka Wasiak, the film's producer, is available on the same website.