The work in progress "The Runners" received the Flow Digital Cinema Award at the recently finished co-production forum When East Meets West.

When East Meets West is a co-production forum, organised by Trieste Film Festival and the Italian Audiovisual Fund FVG. It is a meeting place for film-makers from various parts of Europe and the world, which provides them with an opportunity to establish international co-operation. The participants of the forum included institutions financing film production, decision-makers from film festivals and television channels, as well as works in progress, selected in the application process.

One of the five projects, which qualified for the participation in the forum in the section Last Stop Trieste, dedicated to the work-in-progress films, was "The Runners" by Łukasz Borowski, produced by Wajda Studio. During the forum, the film was appreciated and won the Flow Digital Cinema Award. 

"The Runners" is a Polish film documenting the social phenomenon, which encompasses a growing crowd of fans and followers.  The protagonists are the ultramarathoners, who organise their lives around this incredible passion.

You can find more information on the website of When East Meets West.